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Southend Pharmacy offers many free compliance packaging options to fit each individuals’ unique medication needs. Packaging options include blister packs and many dosette formats. Compliance packaging is a great tool to help increase medication adherence. Missed doses decrease the effectiveness of medications and as such compliance packaging can help medications reach their desired effect.
Please contact us for a free consult regarding the best fit for you.


Southend Pharmacy offers free city-wide prescription pick-up and delivery service within the city limits of Winnipeg. We pride ourselves in employing our own fleet of delivery drivers. This ensures that target delivery times are met based on customer schedules and needs.


Medication reconciliation is a process where our pharmacists work together with patients, families and other health care providers to ensure accurate and comprehensive medication information is communicated consistently across transitions of care (i.e. From hospital to community and vise versa).
Lack of communication between community and hospital health care providers is common. With a lack of communication, there is an increased risk of medication errors occurring (especially as a result of unintended medication changes). At Southend Pharmacy, we ensure lines of communication are always open with other healthcare providers and healthcare centers so that medication errors are avoided.


Medication regimens can be quite complex, especially for patients who are on 3 or more medications. When a person suffers from a medical condition(s) and requires several medications they are at a higher risk for drug-related problems. These include, but are not limited to the following:
• Drug interactions between medications.
• Side effects caused by a medication dose that is too high.
• Ineffectiveness due to a medication dose that is too low.
• An untreated issue exists.
• Use of a medication that is no longer needed.
• The occurrence of an adverse drug reaction.

A medication review is an effective way of identifying and solving these problems.
Our pharmacists are available to conduct free comprehensive medication reviews of your regimen on an appointment basis. Topics covered during a medication review will include an in-depth discussion of your medications including prescription, over-the-counter, natural and herbal products (uses, side effects, drug interactions, when to expect benefits from your medications, what side effects or situations are important to contact your doctor and pharmacist about).
We will also evaluate the appropriateness of over-the-counter, natural and herbal products being taken with your prescription medications. The medication review will also allow one of our pharmacists to address all of your medical questions and concerns relating to medications.


Please contact our pharmacy directly for information regarding these specialty services we offer:
  • After-Hours Pharmacy Support
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Information & Training Sessions
  • Multilingual Pharmacy Services (English, French, punjabi,Hindi)


MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.