1Can I make a family doctor in your clinic?
Yes, at present all our doctors are accepting new patients.
2Can I come as walk-in?
Yes, you can come as walk-in during our working hours and our staff will accommodate you depending upon the availability.
3I am an international student. How I will be charged in the clinic?
For international students with BlueCross coverage, you have to bring the hard copy of your insurance paper and there will be no charge for the visit. The visit claim will directly be sent to BlueCross.
For international students with coverage, they have to pay CA$ 50 cash and we will issue them a receipt which they can use to claim that money since we do not do direct billing for this insurance.
4Do I need to pay for my visit?
Manitoba Health Services Commission pays Physicians for their services provided to Patients seen in the clinic. There are some services which are not paid by MHSC. For these services patients pay themselves. These are as follows:

Sick Note $20
Parking Permit $20
Handi Transit Forms $40
Modified Work Duty Form $20 - $40
MPI Alcohol Reporting Form $40
Disability Insurance Claim Form $80 - $150
Initial Disability Tax Credit Form $100 - $150
WPG Police/RCMP Medical Health Form $100
Complete Physical $100
Complete Physical For Employment $100
Driver's Physical $80
PRE-OP Exam ( For Private Surgery ) $100
Patient Not Covered By MHSC $50
TWINRIX ( VISIT 01 ) $50
TWINRIX ( VISIT 02 ) $25
TWINRIX ( VISIT 03 ) $25
5What identity document can I use for my Immigration Medical Examination (IME) appointment?
You can use any one of the following documents (the document must be original and valid):
• Original Passport
• Passport Card
• National Identification Card
• Driver’s Licence (Canadian)
• Refugee Protection Claimant Document
• Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate
• Copy of Passport Certified by a Canadian Visa Office
• Refugee Travel Document
• Red Cross Travel Document
• UN Laissez-passer
• Seaman’s book
6What should I bring to my IME appointment?
Your valid identification document.
• Any forms or letters received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (if applicable).
• All your prescription medications.
• Medical reports relevant to significant medical conditions – see FAQs below.
• Prescription eye glasses or contact lenses.
• For individuals under 16 years of age, a Parent or Guardian must be present with an original photo ID.
• If desired, you can arrange for a chaperone to be present during your medical exam
7Do I need to bring photographs?
No, we will take your photo in clinic and there is no additional fee for this service.
8What should I expect at my IME appointment?
• You will be asked for your Identity Document, any documents from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) as well as your personal contact information.
• You will complete a form asking your information and sign a declaration from IRCC.
• We will take your digital photo and your height, weight, blood pressure, and we will test your gross vision and hearing.
• Our Physician will conduct your physical examination.
• You will pay for your visit, receive your receipt, and proceed to the laboratory in the building to do your blood work and Chest X-Ray (if required).
• Your test results will be sent automatically to us by the laboratory.
9What about my IME cost?
• The cost of your IME is not covered by the Manitoba Health.
• Please contact our clinic for more information and pricing.
10What lab tests will I have to complete?
• All tests listed below are mandatory as required by IRCC.
• Fasting is not required.
• All test results will be sent directly to our clinic.
We follow IRCC guidelines in requesting additional tests, prior medical reports, or referring you to a Specialist, due to your medical condition. The cost of these additional tests or referrals required to complete your IME is your responsibility and is not included in the IME fee.
11Do I have to pay if I am a Canadian Refugee Applicant?
Your IME and tests costs MAY be covered by Blue Cross. This we will confirm by calling Blue Cross on the day of your visit.
12What if I am pregnant?
Chest X-Ray is generally not recommended during pregnancy, but it’s the client’s choice. For more information contact your family doctor.
Please be aware that your exam will be on hold without your Chest X-Ray results. If you decide to postpone your Chest X-Ray until after the birth of your child, we will provide you with a “Pregnancy Deferral Letter” for your records. This is your proof that your IME has been done, but that you have chosen to postpone your Chest X-Ray.
13Can I get copies of my test results?
Yes, you can get the final health case detail and there is no additional cost for this. We provide copies to client or legal guardian only as per PHIA.
14What happens after my IME?
• We will quickly and efficiently submit your IME file electronically to IRCC through the eMedical system as soon as all requirements are completed.
• It is possible that IRCC will request further information, tests, or reports from you after they process your IME. IRCC will contact you directly with a so called “Furtherance” request by email or posted letter.
• You will be notified directly by IRCC concerning the outcome of your application.
• If you have any questions about your application process please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website or contact the IRCC Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100.